Top 5 Dangerous Industries to Work in

There are many factors that make a certain type of job dangerous and potentially fatal. In California personal injury law, we see results of a dangerous work environment fairly often. Factors such as the type of work and location determines whether a certain type of job is dangerous. In a report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following industries have been found to be the most dangerous to work in last year (2011).

1. Fishing Industry

Workplace hazard abounds in the fishing industry especially for commercial fishers. These dangers include motor-operated fishing lines as well as large nets. Fishing as a job itself is characterized by unusually long and strenuous work hours. The most common cause of injury and death in this industry is vessel disasters and falls overboard. The fatal injury rate (per 100,000 workers) for this sector is 121.2. The number of fatal work injuries in this sector is 40.

2. Logging

Logging is considered as one of the world’s most dangerous jobs. Loggers usually have to contend with long hours of work in isolated areas. They also may work high above ground. Workers in this industry may also suffer from poor weather conditions. The fatal injury rate for this job is 102.4. The number of fatal work injuries in this sector is 64.

3. Aviation Industry

The fatal injury rate for workers in this industry is 57. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers are the ones that usually confront danger, especially in aircrafts used in responding to emergencies and natural disasters. The number of fatal work injuries in this sector is 72.

4. Refuse and Recyclable-Material Industry

In this type of industry, the fatal injury rate is 41.2. This is a potentially fatal job, since workers are usually exposed to dangerous substances that can be disastrous to one’s health. Workers are also have to contend with other dangers such as moving vehicles as well as traffic. The number of fatal work injuries in this sector is 34.

5. Roofing Works

By nature, roofers have to work high above ground, and that constitutes a danger by itself. Apart from this, a roofers work is strenuous and requires climbing and bending. For this industry, the fatal injury rate is 31.8. The number of fatal work injuries in this sector is 56.

The industries as listed above are those that are found by the BLS as the top 5 most dangerous in the US. Also included in the list from 6 to 10 are the following: structural iron and steel industry; farming, ranch, and other agricultural industry; driving, truck driving, and sales industry; electrical power-line and repair industry; and taxi drivers and chauffeurs’ industry.

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