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Over the last thirty four years we have had many successes. We handle each case on an individual basis. If you have case or believe you have a case, please do not hesitate to contact us. We do not reject cases because they are “too small.” If your claim has merit we will try to help you. We know that your case large or small is very important to YOU.


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Below Are Examples of Some of Our Results

$3,100,000.00 Price vs. Children’s Hospital**

Medical malpractice case involving a four-year-old girl. She contracted AIDS as a result of a blood transfusion for a surgery. Case went to trial against the hospital and physicians, the jury awarded $3,100,000.00 A confidential settlement had been reached with the blood bank before trial.


$1,700,000.00 Crum vs. Williams**

This personal injury case involved a building collapse. The plaintiff was a guest at a party being given by a resident at her unit in a condominium complex. The plaintiff was standing on a balcony, with others. The balcony was part of the unit she was a guest at. The party goers were watching 4th of July fireworks when the balcony collapsed causing plaintiff to fall 22 feet and become impaled on a sprinkler head.She suffered serious injuries. A lawsuit was pursued against the builder, condominium / homeowners’ association and individual homeowner.


$1,000,0000.00 Patterson vs. Chesterfield**

In this medical malpractice claim, the defendant physician failed to timely and properly diagnosis breast cancer. Case had been dismissed because the plaintiff was in Pro Per and failed to respond to discovery. We reinstated the case and ultimately were successful in settling the case with the defendant’s insurance company at a private mediation.


$895,000.00 Adams vs. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)**

In this medical malpractice claim, the plaintiff, had an episiotomy during delivery. A student midwife did the procedure. During the episiotomy the plaintiff suffered a sphincter muscle tear. Following the injury the midwife attempted to repair the torn muscle. The allegations were that the student negligently did the episiotomy and the midwife on duty failed to properly inform the plaintiff that the student was inexperienced and would do the procedure, failed to properly supervise the student, failed to properly repair the injury and failed to call in an appropriate physician to attend to the injury. The HMO refused to settle. The case went to arbitration and three party arbitration panel ruled in our favor unanimously. Awarding damages to Plaintiff and her husband.


$667,000.00 Louis vs. Westerfield**

In this medical negligence case, doctors failed to promptly diagnose and treat bacterial endocarditis. This resulted in plaintiff suffering heart valve damage and required heart surgery for placement of an artificial heart valve. The plaintiff had came down with various symptoms including a low-grade fever. Over the course of several weeks she saw a number of physicians who did not correctly work her up. Then she saw one physician who correctly diagnosed her condition as bacterial endocarditis. He initially admitted her into the hospital but then under pressure from the hospital because the plaintiff did not have health insurance the physician discharged the plaintiff and placed her on oral medications. The placement of a patient with diagnosed or suspected endocarditis is below the standard care. A settlement was reached with various defendants.


$457,000.00 Witman vs. Smith**

In this car accident case the plaintiff was a driver of a small pick up truck that was rear ended by the defendant on the freeway. The liability was clear. The truck suffered substantial property damage. The plaintiff suffered back injuries and lost income. The defendant had insurance policy limits of only $15,000.00. Based upon our advice the plaintiff before retaining us made a request to the insurance company to pay the policy limits, they refused to pay the limits. After we became involved, we made a policy limit demand. The insurance company refused to pay and ultimately our client had back surgery and had good results. The case settled on the 1st day of trial for $457,000.00. The insurance company by refusing to settle for policy limits had “opened the policy.”


$479,000.00 McCoy vs. Billings**

In this car accident case the plaintiff was injured in an off road collision when the plaintiff’s ATV collided with a Jeep. The plaintiff and the defendant were driving the vehicles in a wilderness area without paved roads. We obtained aerial photographs of the area and believed we could prove that the defendant driver was responsible for the incident. The defendant’s insurance company denied liability and we sued. During the litigation we took many depositions, some out of state. Ultimately we were able to prove that the defendant driver was liable and the case settled within a few days of trial.


$400,000.00 Marsh vs. So. Cal. Amusement Park**

This was a personal injury case involving a dangerous amusement park ride. The plaintiff suffered back injuries while on a water ride. The plaintiff was sitting in her gondola stopped at the bottom of a long shoot. An attendant released another gondola prematurely and it slammed into the rear of the gondola in which plaintiff was a passenger. The impact was sufficient to cause minor splintering of the gondola. The plaintiff suffered low back injury because of the incident and ultimately had back surgery. The plaintiff had good results from the surgery. The defendant denied all liability and we had to sue. Litigation began and ultimately the Court ordered the case to mediation in which we reached the above settlement.


$350,000.00 Lark vs. Weiss**

This car accident case involved a single vehicle. The owner of the car allowed the plaintiffs to ride in a boat that was on a trailer being towed by car. The car, boat and trailer were on the freeway. While traveling on the freeway, the trailer and boat separated from the car. The boat and trailer careened off the freeway. The plaintiffs were thrown from the boat and suffered injuries but nothing life threatening. We said that the defendant was negligent in securing the trailer to the car. As well, we alleged that the defendant was negligent in allowing the plaintiffs to ride in the boat while the defendant was towing it. The matter ultimately settled after we sued.


$110,000.00 Sanchez vs. Federal Governmental Agency**

This car accident claim involved a rear end collision. The plaintiff suffered injuries as a result of a rear end automobile collision. The government employee was negligent in the operation of their vehicle in that they failed to come to a stop. The plaintiff suffered low back injury but had a history of low back problems. We had filed the appropriate government claims. After months of negotiations and through various levels of authority we were able to settle the claim.


$15,000 + $62,500.00 Hammer vs. Williams + Underinsured Motorist Claim**
$15,000 + $95,000.00

This was car accident case. The plaintiffs, husband and wife, were driving their car on the freeway and were exiting. They were at the bottom of the exit intending to turn left, northbound, onto a city street. The car had stopped because of a red light. The traffic light turned green and the plaintiffs went on to turn left, the defendant was traveling southbound on the city street and ran the red light hitting the plaintiffs’ car. There were no independent witnesses to the collision, and the police report was inconclusive. The defendant’s insurance company initially denied liability for the incident and refused to make an offer. I then demanded immediate payment of the policy limits and gave them 10 days to pay it, the insurance company accepted our demand and paid policy limits of $15,000.00 for each plaintiff. We then the pursued underinsured motorist claim and after filing demand for arbitration settled for the above amounts.


$15,000 + 15,000.00 Alhambra vs. Sanchez + Underinsured Motorist Claim**
In this car accident case the plaintiff was operating her vehicle and had a collision with another automobile being operated by the defendant. The plaintiff suffered soft tissue injuries. Police came to investigate the incident. The defendant’s insurance company originally denied the claim. Ultimately we were able to settle for policy limits of $15,000.00 and the pursued underinsured motorist claim and plaintiff’s insurance company ultimately paid the policy limit of $15,000.00.

*Includes accomplishments of predecessor firm and structured settlements payable over client’s life.


**Names of cases have been changed to protect the privacy of the parties. The results shown above do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. These cases reflect the types of cases handled and results obtained only. Remember every case is different. Cases seemingly similar may have very different outcomes.

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