What are Tort Claims

Have you ever been hurt by someone who wasn’t being careful or wasn’t paying attention? Or maybe you’ve been hurt by someone acting in a completely unsafe way. Well if you were hurt or if your children were hurt in this way, you actually have the right to file a tort claim with a Pasadena personal injury attorney. That’s because tort claims are over things like negligence, whether it’s intended or not.

So if you are walking down the side of the road and someone shoots a gun off into the air and it hits you, you could file a tort claim against them. That’s because, even if they didn’t intend to hurt you, they fired a gun in a way that someone could be hurt. They were negligent about their actions. A Pasadena personal injury attorney would be able to help you with this case. They would be responsible for finding out what type of behavior the other person was engaged in and what you could get back for your injuries and bills.

This type of court case is considered a civil trial. That means that the person does not go to jail (though in cases like firing a gun at someone there could also be a criminal trial) but they could end up paying you a lot of money. That money is used to pay you back for medical bills, lost wages, and possibly pain and suffering if you had any problems as a result of what they did. Your Pasadena personal injury attorney will compile all the information you have about your injury (it can be mental or physical) and will then come up with the right amount to sue the other person for. They will also be responsible for arguing the case in court.

A tort is a type of civil matter that you would conduct in a civil court rather than a criminal one. This would likely be argued by a tort lawyer, someone who specializes in these types of cases. These tort lawyers would understand the process of when you have a claim, how to file it and how to see it through the courts. They would also be able to make sure all the necessary documentation is done. You wouldn’t need to worry about anything but telling your case when you hired the right tort lawyer.

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