Top 10 Most Common CA Personal Injury Cases

Our California personal injury attorneys handle a variety of personal injury cases. To list all the injuries that are eligible for Worker’s Comp would be impossible, but to give you an idea, here are some instances in which injuries might occur that would result in qualifying injuries:

Personal injury covers a wide base of situations and injuries. It can include dog bites, negligence, misdiagnosis, traffic accidents, and more. Our California personal injury attorneys handle a variety of personal injury cases each year. Personal injury covers a wide base of situations and injuries.

The ten most common California personal injury claims:

  • Work-related injuries: Employees are injured on the job everyday. When this happens, the employee’s rights need to be protected so they are not held accountable for the damages caused by the guilty employer.
  • Auto accidents: Traffic accidents occur at an alarming rate. In New Jersey personal injury, injuries received from auto accidents are substantial.
  • Product liability/ defective product: Companies have a legal responsibility to make safe products for the consumer. If their products are faulty and cause harm to a consumer, the company needs to be held accountable.
  • Medical malpractice: Malpractice or negligence in the medical field can have severe and threatening effects on the injured individual. When medical professionals have committed malpractice, the injured must be protected and compensated for the resulting damages.
  • Slip and fall: When an unsafe environment causes an individual to slip and fall, there can be lasting results. Slip and fall injuries are common for New Jersey personal injury lawyers.
  • Dangerous Drugs: Drug companies can sometimes do more damage than they can in helping people. A drug might have detrimental effects or cause injuries in individuals. If so, the drug company is held accountable for producing and distributing a dangerous product to the public.
  • Dog bites: Owning a dog entails many responsibilities, one of which is making sure your dog does not harm another human being. If a dog attacks someone, the owner can be held liable for the injuries caused by their dog.
  • Dangerous premise conditions: Unsafe conditions on any premise can result in an individual being injured. The premises are then liable for not providing a safe environment and must compensate for their neglect.
  • Injury from misdiagnosis: If a misdiagnosis leads to the individual’s condition worsening, then the medical professionals can he charged with personal injury as a result of misdiagnosis.
  • Intentional behavior: If someone intentionally injures another, there is potentially a personal injury claim to be made. For whatever the reason is, a person should not intentionally injure another human being. If so, they should be held accountable for the injuries they caused.

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