Car Accident

Car Accident

You have just been involved in a car accident. You probably have a host of questions. Such as who is at fault? Who pays for damages to my automobile? Am I entitled to a rental car? If I need medical attention who will pay for my medical costs? Can I ask the insurance company to compensate me for lost wages? You probably have these and many more questions.

If you did not suffer any personal injury or only minor aches and pains that quickly resolve without the need for medical attention you probably do not need a personal injury attorney to represent you for your car accident.

But if you suffered personal injuries, a knowledgeable personal injury attorney and his office can be exceptionally helpful. An experienced personal injury will often be able to guide you through the often disorderly and often perplexing world of insurance claims. Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer to represent you after a car accident assures that you will have an expert working for you. It will help “level the playing field.” An experienced personal injury lawyer can probably provide recommendations and suggestions to help you recover from your injuries.

A personal injury lawyer will tell you about the appropriate statute of limitations for your claim, failing to sue timely, will prevent you from pursuing a claim against the at-fault motorist. For example, in many states you should submit your lawsuit within 2 years of your auto accident or be barred from pursuing your lawsuit. Some states require government claims be filed before filing a lawsuit and such government claims must be filed. In some states government claims statutes can be as short as 90 to 180 days and also applies to minor’s claims.

The law differs from state to state. The federal government has their own claim requirements. An experienced personal injury lawyer will educate you concerning these statutes of limitations. There may exist unique exceptions to the statute of limitations — for minors, as an example. Your attorney can file a legal action for you if necessary. An experienced personal injury lawyer will know how handle / address defenses raised by the insurance company / the opposite side. Additionally, if your matter is litigated, an attorney will be an indispensable guide in navigating the often contentious world of trial preparation. Having an experienced personal injury attorney on your side puts you on equal footing with the insurance company and their lawyers.

There is a great deal of work and preparation that goes into handling a personal injury claim and working with an insurance company or defense attorneys to resolve a personal injury claim. An experienced personal injury attorney will see that you get proper compensation for your personal injuries and other economic losses.

Crashed Car - Automobile Accident

Crashed Car – Automobile Accident

After you have been in a car accident, the last thing you want to do is to take on the time-consuming job in trying to handle the claim yourself. Most folks simply do not have the experience to handle their personal injury claims without the assistance of an attorney.

Since most personal injury attorneys take cases on a contingent fee basis and are paid upon a successful resolution of your claim, there is often little motivation to try to take care of these kinds of cases by yourself, especially if you suffered injuries.

However, most personal injury lawyers offer free consultations so it probably is a good idea to call a personal injury attorney to get some insight. Feel free to call the Law Offices of Richard M. Katz at 626-796-6333 for a free consultation. Or contact me through my website /

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