Tips to Avoid An Auto Accident In Bad Weather

There are millions of car accidents that are caused by bad weather. In fact, bad weather is the fifth leading cause of car accidents in America. The good news is that being extra cautious when you drive can reduce your chances of being involved in a serious car accident. Below are some tips that will keep you safe while you are driving in bad weather:

Drive Slower

Driving fast is already dangerous, but it becomes even more hazardous during bad weather. That is why you should drive about 5 miles slower than you normally would. For example, if you normally drive 60 mph, then you should reduce your speed to 55 mph. You should leave a little bit earlier if you have to be somewhere at a certain time.

Use Your Headlights

This may seem like a common sense move, but you would be surprised to find out how many people drive without using headlights. Headlights will help you see other cars on the road better. It will also help other drivers see you.

Do Not Drive to Closely to Others

You want to make sure that you are at least two cars behind the other driver. The driver that is ahead of you may have to make an emergency stop. If that happens, then you could very easily slam into the back of the other driver’s car if you are following too closely.

Pull Over If The Weather Gets Too Bad

If it is raining or snowing very hard, then you should not hesitate to pull over to the side of the road. You should wait until the weather clears up before you try to get back on the road again.

I’ve been involved in an auto accident. I need a auto accident attorney Pasadena. What Should I Do Now?

You should contact a Glendale auto accident lawyer if you have been involved in an accident. You could get compensation if the accident was caused by another driver.

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