How to Avoid Dangerous Road Hazards

Avoiding dangerous road hazards is a continuing problem in the Pasadena area, just like in other parts of the country where roads are crowded and road surface conditions are deteriorating. A Pasadena personal injury attorney sees many cases where clients have been injured due to hazardous road conditions or when drivers are distracted by cell phones or texting.

Distracted driving is fast becoming one of the main reasons for accidents. Combine this with road construction, and you have increased chances of an accident happening. Many roads are under construction to fix potholes, bumps and missing chunks of concrete. Some roads are hazardous because entrances and exits are hidden or require sharp turns. Drivers need to pay special attention when they enter road construction areas where lanes are reduced and become a slow two-way road with barrels and markers set near to passing cars.

Avoiding dangerous road hazards requires simple prevention techniques:

• Scan frequently – always know if other vehicles are in front, at the side or behind your car

• Assume there will be obstacles in the road from time to time, stay watchful

• Assume the worst about the other driver – be prepared to take evasive action

• Adjust speed, direction and position to negotiate around problem areas

• Take rest breaks – get out of your car and move around

• Don’t wear headphones and keep music low enough so you can hear

• Keep a safe distance from vehicles ahead of you

• Double your safe distance on wet or icy roads

• Beware of total vehicle weight including trailers – this can affect your stopping time

• Don’t cell phone/text while driving – stop and pull over if you must communicate

• Keep lights turned on while driving to prevent accidents

• Use turn signals – be sure to let other drivers know your intentions before you make a move

• Report to local authorities any road hazards like potholes that need to be fixed

Contact your Pasadena personal injury lawyer if you have been in an accident or received property damage due to road hazards. Repairs are expensive, and deductibles take a big bite out of your budget. You should not have to suffer if someone else was negligent and caused you expense, bodily injury or other stressful problems like damage to your vehicle. If you have any questions about getting legal representation for any accidental injury or damage case, please call and talk with a Pasadena personal injury attorney. You can arrange for a free case consultation today.

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