Choose The Right Attorney

Making a good choice when you need a Pasadena personal injury attorney can affect the entire outcome of your case. Choose the wrong one, and it could cost you far more than just a loss in court. Your financial benefits could be lost if you do not have a strong legal representative who will stand firm for a winning outcome for you.

If you have never used an attorney before, but suddenly need one because you have been injured in an accident, been discriminated at work, or if you need to work out other legal contractual matters, you may wonder how on earth to start to find the right Pasadena personal injury lawyer. The process is very important, but not difficult. There are many tools to use to help you narrow down your choice to the best for your needs.

You can start with getting some recommendations from friends or family. Bear in mind, however, that even with the best of intentions to help you, your associates and family may not truly know that much about selecting the right attorney for your situation. There are better places to look when you need the services of a Pasadena personal injury attorney. At the Richard M. Katz Law Firm, we stand on our record of winning settlements and verdicts of over $70 million dollars for clients in the past 25 years. This includes our wins and some of our predecessor, plus structured settlement figures; we work to provide excellent legal care for all clients.

Your local Bar Association is an excellent place to obtain serious information about local law firms and attorneys. They can refer you to qualified attorneys who practice in the area of law you need. A local Better Business Bureau will have recommendations and information about any complaints a professional office may have lodged against them by clients.

The best way to make your final choice is to go in person and meet the attorney. This gives you an opportunity to see how the firm treats potential clients, and you can discover if you really feel comfortable with the lawyer. Before you make a final decision about which Pasadena personal injury lawyer you choose, you need information like this. You want someone who will put your best interests first and work hard to see that you benefit from their legal expertise. This is what we strive for at the Richard M. Katz Law Firm; call us for your free first consultation today.

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